With over 20 years running one of the most successful restaurant brands, OIGC offers one of the best fine dining services in Kuwait. Our beautiful environment and professional staffs ensure you enjoy the most memorable times in our restaurants.
We started out in 1993 with our flagship restaurant located in the heart of Kuwait City. As our popularity continued to grow, we decided it was time for an expansion. In 2006 we opened our Salmiya restaurant located off Hamad Al-Mubarak Street. Having our vast years of experience in Kuwait, Oriental Restaurants have some of the finest chefs to create the taste that touches your heart.
We know the need for healthy food and how it benefits the body. This is why at Oriental Restaurants; we ensure we maintain maximum hygiene, making use of fresh and high-quality foods and the best of the best chefs to ensure we give you the pleasure you deserve.
We take customer satisfaction as our priority, putting in our best efforts to ensure our customers receive the very best service. The products we make use of are well checked to make sure they have no adverse effect on your health.
With our experienced team, we know what it takes to work in varied business sectors, supplying a wide range of food, covering every inch of excellence on whatever quantity is required.
We follow a strict procedure that ensures all foods are checked up with a nutritionist to complete the daily nutritional requirements of the body.
Oriental is not only about great food, service, and ambiance. At Oriental, eating out is your personal statement to your family, friends, business clients, and associates.
We are dedicated to ensuring you get the adequate nutrients missing in your everyday food, making sure your body remains healthy.