Oriental runs a top-notch play school known as Salmiya Playschool, which ensures children have a fun-filled time while learning the necessary skills needed for successful learning.
The Salmiya Playschool is a registered English Medium School recognized by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs – Kuwait. It was established in the year 2000. Since then it has continued to improve its fine reputation for high academic standards. The school provides a structured, caring and happy atmosphere with a qualified, highly trained and well-motivated staff.
The learning program here is designed especially for pre-school children aged 2 years to 4 years to:
• Capture their interest & imagination.
• Develop a love for books.
• Introduce them to all pre-school skills necessary for successful learning
We are dedicated to providing incredible learning and vital mental and cognitive growth which helps to shape their ability while performing future tasks. At Rumaithiya, we have a strong belief that childhood is meant to be fun, enjoyed and cherished. This is why we put in our best to ensure your children are able to improve their mental and cognitive ability while having a fun filled time.
Our teaching program is well tailored to each child’s individual growth, giving them more complex tasks as they advance. Our programs are well set out to foster every child’s social, aesthetic and motor skills. We create activities suited for every age group to ensure the child’s all-round development.
Our caring and experienced teachers ensure that your child has an amazing experience with each day spent with us. We hire well-educated teachers who will provide a friendly classroom atmosphere while adding value to each child and helping them to through their self-discovery process.