Contracting is one of the most important parts of our business. We take a systematic approach to contracting, ensuring that our clients, people and supply chain work together, providing innovate ideas wherever possible to guarantee delivery.
We set the highest bar possible for both service quality and consistency throughout all areas of expertise. To ensure maximum satisfaction between our clients, we have put in place various management systems and support teams. We also make safety, quality and environmental protection are the main priorities of our every project.
OIGC can take up in-house and on-site Sandblasting and Painting work for pipelines, equipment and all kinds of structural Works. We provide a diverse suite of services to address virtually any surface treatment and protection challenges.
We provide the perfect mix of local knowledge and world-class expertise to provide the very best result on projects including new construction, renovation, and maintenance of commercial buildings and properties.
By using this strategy, we have the ability to ensure a project remains on schedule while maintaining an affordable overall cost as we are able to collectively cover both management and construction altogether.
Committed to safety, quality and customer service, our tradesmen are experts in new coating technologies, application processes, and safety procedures. From small jobs to large-scale contracts, we take pride in our workmanship and continually strive to surpass customer expectations. You can depend on us for the best!